handmade & rare

Artistry has always been a driving force for Jutta Verderosa…from a love of color to a passion for knitting, her fascination has always been creative expression. At the age of five she started to knit and crochet and has stayed meticulously devoted to the craft ever since. VerdeRosaDesigns.com, her first online store, represents her vision for modern, sophisticated hand knit fashion accessories—all made in the USA. Jutta creates unique, limited edition pieces suitable for everything from a vacation in St. Barths to a stroll along the dunes in the Hamptons. Her devoted following gravitates to her luxe casual look, first discovered at her boutique La Dolce Vita on Long Island’s East End. 

Originally an art student, Jutta got her start as a makeup artist with Christian Dior. She began her career with Dior behind the counter at retail but soon was traveling the world creating memorable makeup looks. A love of color typically permeates her work, although she opted to design her “virgin” collection for VerdeRosaDesigns.com in black and white. She sees her pieces as collectibles—timeless, unusual conversation pieces—choices for the woman who is more daring than most, a woman who likes to create her own trends.

Jutta inhabits an 18th century house painted black, giving it a “medieval” air, in Northwestern Connecticut—a land of traditional white houses with green shutters. Her English bull terrier Olga is good company, 60 pounds of muscle but asleep most of the time. An animal lover, Jutta assures the angora yarn she uses is humanely harvested from the bunnies. Art, animals, plants and flowers all are sources of inspiration for Jutta who finds ideas blossoming in the natural world that surrounds her.