Dark, Wild + Deep Collection

Dark, Wild + Deep Collection


2 oz. soy wax candle in frosted soft grey glass, handcrafted in Chicago by Tatine.

Moonlight Mile
grapefruit, musk powder, deep notes of sandalwood, black patchouli, golden moon oil

Strangest Color Blue
fresh flower petals, driftwood, water lily, musk

City of Night
dark hinoki oil, charred vetiver, cypress, fir needle, velvety leather, oaked whiskey

Gold Dust
gold santal, saffron dust, hyacinth, tobacco blossoms, orris, fragrant blooms, incense, musk, dark patchouli

black tea leaves, lemongrass, balsam fir, wood flower oil, bergamot oil, green mossy accords

ethically harvested sandalwood oil, white incense, dry wood amber, gunpowder, saffron, tea notes, soft oriental spices, magnolia flower, vanillin, musk

Purple Flowers
black violet, wisteria, juniper, tuberose, oud, amber

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